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1000mods | Youth of Dissent

Yet another bunch of Greeks delivering a blast from the stoner-rock past.


Again with the Greeks? What the hell is up with that? Could it be the Ouzo. The yogurt? The freaking spanikopita? Honestly, I have no damn idea. All I know is that practically every time I turn around, I stumble over another killer rock ’n’ roll record from a bunch of Grecians who sound like they grew up in the High Mojave, getting high, jamming out and racing dune buggies with the brahs from Kyuss. Youth of Dissent, the killer fourth full-length from Chiliomodi’s (presumably) favourite sons 1000mods, is just the latest unforgettable example. From the chunky riffs and fuzzy basslines to the boogie-down beats and wailing vocals, these guys are a solid blast from the stoner-rock past — with a dash or two of psychedelic and grunge to keep things interesting and multi-dimensional. No need to beware.

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Having risen from smokey basements to packed arenas, children of the now-legendary Greek underground heavy rock scene of the mid 00’s, 1000mods can be considered no less than the most successful Greek rock band of the past decade. Deriving equally from the ’70s (not only songwriting-wise but also due to their love for vintage equipment and analogue sound) and the glorious ’90s, they never hesitated to blend all their influences (from retro-rock and doom rock, to fuzzy heavy rock and space rock, even the grunge and alternative scene) creating a unique recipe of explosive heavy music that’s impossible to imitate. 1000mods offer inspired, powerful and uniquely fresh heavy tunes, satisfying everyone from stoners to metalheads, for over a decade now. Heavier than life, psychedelic, trippy, hauntingly melodic and dangerously addictive, 1000mods will surely groove your body, take violently your mind off things and occasionally give you chills down your spine. In their latest breakthrough record Youth of Dissent they break the spacetime continuum and perform a time travel to the glorious ’90s, resulting in their best and most mature material to date. The best is yet to come.”