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Sweden's answer to The Smiths of the Nordic Robyn Hitchcock? It's your call.


These reunited Swedish vets advertise themselves as Scandinavia’s answer to The Smiths. I hear that — especially in some of the more swoon-worthy jangle ballads. Though I would have to say that between their nasal vocalist and some of their swirlier and tripper numbers of their latest comeback offering Radical Innocence, you could also call Easy the Nordic Robyn Hitchcock. Whichever is easiest for you.

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Sweden’s celebrated ’90s indie rock darlings Easy have announced the impending release of their new album Radical Innocence. In the early 1990s, Easy was one of Sweden’s most notable indie groups. This year marks the 30-year anniversary of their highly acclaimed debut Magic Seed LP, a critical success that spawned three alternative hit singles: Castle Train, He Brings the Honey and Horoscope. The group also frequently toured Britain and Europe. While their ambitious Sun Years LP (1994) had less of an impact, singles Never Seen a Star and Listen to the Bells clearly demonstrated that the band had taken several musical steps forward.”