Indie Roundup (May Day Edition) | 46 Songs To Dominate Your Weekend

Surrender to the sounds of The Bobby Lees, Valley Queen, Moby and all the rest.

The Bobby Lees put it in drive, Valley Queen see red, Moby is too much, Temnein say potato, Salt Ashes counts crosses, Yvng Jalapeño & Just A Gent geek out and more in another supersized Friday Roundup. Mayday, indeed. Every man for himself.

1 | The Bobby Lees | Drive

THE PRESS RELEASE:The Bobby Lees are a young bone-shaking Garage Rock band out of Woodstock, NY. Their new record Skin Suit was produced by underground punk legend Jon Spencer of the Blues Explosion and will be released on July 17. In the past year they’ve played with The Chats, Future Islands, Boss Hog, Daddy Long Legs, Shannon & The Clams and Murphy’s Law. They will be on tour in the US and Europe throughout 2020. Their sound mixes classic garage-punk hits with raw and emotive storytelling. Today they’re sharing their new video for the song Drive.”

2 | Valley Queen | Your Red Light

THE PRESS RELEASE: “From their 2017 EP, Destroyer, to their heralded debut album, Supergiant, Valley Queen have continued to attract — and hold  —the attention of critics, fans, and contemporaries alike; a rock and roll snowball effect that won’t slow down, even as the world momentarily stops spinning. Today, Valley Queen announce the upcoming release of Your Red Light / Bad Astrology, a brand new 7-inch record. “Your Red Light is a song about facing destructive compulsion in the midst of devotion and love, ” says singer Natalie Carol. She and Emily Gold co-wrote the song via text; exchanging lyrical ideas and voice-memoing instrumental arrangements and melodies. “I wanted to make recordings that were more collaborative, with artists that surround me that I admire but were not formal members of my band.”

3 | Moby | Too Much Change

THE PRESS RELEASE:Moby‘s new single Too Much Change is out today. Featuring the vocals of frequent collaborator Apollo Jane, the single is taken from his forthcoming album All Visible Objects out May 15. The video for Too Much Change features excerpts from American artist Lynd Ward’s wordless novel, Gods’ Man. Published in 1929 and designed using wood engravings, Ward’s creation helped usher in a new era of visual artistry by becoming a revered progenitor of modern graphic novels and comic books.”

4 | Temnein | Rise Of The Sontarans

THE PRESS RELEASE:Rise Of The Sontarans is the latest video from French melodic death metal behemoths Temnein. The track appears on their third full-length, Tales: Of Humanity And Greed, set to drop May 22. Elaborates the band of the hilarious potato-dicing clip, “The lyrical concept is about the Sontarans, a group of belligerent characters which looks like angry potatoes and appear on the TV program Doctor Who. Directed by Vincent Tournaud, this video includes many references to Doctor Who’s universe and shows a close friend of the band trying to cook potatoes that look weird … Because those are Sontarans! It’s the shortest song of the album but also the most dynamic and live-oriented so it was the perfect fit for a video.”

5 | Salt Ashes | Counting Crosses

THE PRESS RELEASE: “In the age of quarantine, UK-based singer Salt Ashes (real name Veiga Sanchez) too had to get creative for hew new music video. The result is a stunning, crimson-drenched visual for her song Counting Crosses (taken from her new EP of the same name). The video was shot and edited entirely in Salt Ashes’ bedroom on an iPhone with additional color grading done by Simon J Davy. “I filmed and edited this music video by myself in my bedroom whilst in lockdown. It’s amazing what you can create when you put your mind to it,” Salt Ashes says regarding the filming process. “I used a white sheet, red lights, a tripod, my iPhone and my housemates hands for the shots towards the end. I wanted to create some visually interesting and artistic shots by moving and positioning my body in different angles, playing with the contrast of skin on skin and editing the video to make it very dynamic and disjointed.”

6 | Yvng Jalapeño & Just A Gent | Geekin’

THE PRESS RELEASE:Yvng Jalapeño & Just A Gent throw down wall-crumbling bass on Geekin’, their collaborative showcase of raw talent alongside Brisbane native Nerve’s assertive raps. Geekin’ sees Maitland’s tuxedo-clad producer Just A Gent team up once again with fellow Aussie Yvng Jalapeño, with whom he previously collaborated on his 2019 single Drowning. Stepping away from his usual hip hop and grime beats, enigmatic Brisbane rapper Nerve was drawn into the project after hearing the production. He states, “It’s a really interesting release for me — mostly because around the time it happened, I had a major focus on expanding the styles/genres that I work on within music. I wanted to try my hand at as many different things as I could and then this opportunity seemed to pop up just at the right time. Originally Jalapeño & J.A.G. reached out via e-mail expressing interest. They sent the instrumental through and I had instant flashbacks to my teen years of smashing Dubstep and heavy EDM in headphones while skating/snowboarding and I knew it was going to be huge.”

7 | Dagny | Somebody

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Norwegian cult pop icon Dagny releases new single Somebody – the second track to be lifted from her upcoming debut album. Dagny is also announcing that her long-awaited debut will be split into two parts, with the first 6 tracks Side A available for streaming on May 22, and the full album to arrive in September later this year. Somebody sparks into life with a dance-floor ready rhythm section, before bubbling synths open up to provide a lush backdrop to Dagny’s unmistakeable vocal. Dagny went on to say: “It’s the all-consuming and exciting feeling when everything is still new. I’ve been lucky to experience it. I find that when I’m in love I feel everything ten times more than usual. With Somebody for me it’s not just the lyrics but the whole vibe of the song that represents that: when I listen to it I get a lot of positive energy and I just wanna throw myself into something new and exciting.”

8 | Ethan Gold | Not Me. Us

THE PRESS RELEASE: “L.A.-based songwriter Ethan Gold presents his new single Not Me. Us, together with an animated video that is an inspiring call for unity in troubled times. “I wrote Not Me. Us as an anthem to reflect the times. I started with the then-current Bernie Sanders slogan Not Me Us — a simple phrase, a moral protest against the lack of compassion, lack of empathy, and narcissism that’s become a point of pride for current political leadership in many countries. As a person who’s primary political motivator is concern for our biosphere, I found this phrase very appealing, as it respects the interconnectedness of all life,” says Gold. “Musically I went with a sound that’s more traditionally American. There’s a power in those idioms. I wanted to call out the hard fight everyone is having in the country, while also allowing everyone to feel, in a time where the dominant feelings are factionalism and fear, that the things which unite us could still be greater.”

9 | Zoon | Light Prism

THE PRESS RELEASE:Zoon has got some new moccasin-gaze for you! His most recent single, Light Prism, has premiered. As Zoon explains, “Light Prism is a memory collage. Parts of it are from my time teaching around Turtle Island, while other imagery is of my home town of Selkirk. Selkirk was effected heavily by drugs and gangs and with that came deaths of youth I had known. Light Prism is also about reflection and being able to put things to rest.” The video, directed by bassist Drew Rutty, shows the band performing through a filter of constantly shifting colours and textures, beautifully mirroring the influence of memory, acceptance, and reflection that Zoon describes.”

10 | Quintino and Richie Loop | Manimal

THE PRESS RELEASE:Quintino taps Jamaican vocalist Richie Loop for the energetic single Manimal. With dancehall breakdowns and anthemic big room drops, Manimal bursts at the seams with vigor and life, offering a cross-genre dancefloor firestarter. Fresh off mad banger The Chase, alongside Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Quintino continues to make waves with the tropical-tinged Manimal. Collaborating with Quintino on Manimal is the multi-talented Richie Loop, whose proficiency in singing, songwriting and producing makes him a bonafide triple threat. The Jamaican musician broke out a decade ago via the hit single My Cupp. Since then, he’s positioned himself as an ambassador of global music, with releases that embody a Caribbean-influenced fusion of EDM, dancehall and pop music.”

11 | Vader | Bones

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Polish death metal legends Vader have returned with their 16th studio album Solitude In Madness. Never one to rest or relax Vader have done it all over the course of their 37-year history. From playing super-aggressive thrash under the watchful eye of Communist Poland to touring the globe and enjoying a near-maniacal fanbase there’s no stopping the Piotr ‘Peter’ Wiwczarek-led outfit. Speed and power are back as the driving factors in Vader’s fiendish yet proficient death metal! Watch the visualizer-video for new single Bones.

12 | Michael Falk | Touching: The Darkness

THE PRESS RELEASE:Touching is the new project from Winnipeg musician, studio engineer and festival producer Michael Falk. Over the past five years, in between producing the TD Winnipeg International Jazz Festival, SpaceLand, and Current Festival, he was also cooped up in his studio working on new songs. Having worked up a wealth of new material with bassist/synthesist Alasdair Dunlop (Sweet Alibi), the pair are now shepherding this series of colourful, evocative songs into the world. They’ve added cinematographer Tyler Funk and acclaimed actress Ali Tataryn (Lovesick), forming a unique collaborative team currently shooting 10 thematic music videos (safely!) while under quarantine, and releasing them week by week. Together, they will be grouped as an album called Isolation Blues. While so much of the music industry has sadly had to shut down, Michael realized that the material he was working demonstrated many parallels with the experiences of so many others during this collective isolation, so he and Alasdair determined to push these 10 songs to the finish line and began making plans with Tyler and Ali for a series of videos with a broad narrative arc for the lead character.”

13 | Alien Sky Cult | Glass Cannon

THE PRESS RELEASE: “We are Alien Sky Cult, a metalcore/hardcore band from Guwahati, India. We’re releasing a new single called Glass Cannon from our upcoming album. Glass Cannon​ i​s a representation of where we want to be musically. An identity we’re striving every day to carve. We hope it’s the quintessential ​Alien Sky Cult​ song that would be a marker or a cornerstone of our new revive.​ This song​ is about taking a stand against all odds. Standing our ground against this fascist regime. Standing tall in this sea of blindfolded bigots. We are not our forefathers. We are not born out of communal hate. We are better than that. We have to be better than that​.”

14 | Alex Nicol | Trust

THE PRESS RELEASE: “I’m Alex Nicol. I just released debut LP entitled All for Nada. I’m a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Montreal. My album All For Nada was released March 13. I’ve released a single + music video for the song Trust.”

15 | Casii Stephan | Trapeze Artist

THE PRESS RELEASE:Casii Stephan is a soul pop/rock artist hailing from Minnesota. Now based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the impassioned songstress evokes subtle vibrato notes and roller-coaster-like melodies, which immediately grab the listener, while her emotional lyrics share intimate stories. She has been compared to the likes of Florence Welch, Fiona Apple and Carole King, as her vocal timbre possesses a full and warm quality. Stephan’s latest single Trapeze Artist was inspired after scrolling through her social feeds and seeing the highs and lows of humanity. The songwriter reveals, “From finding love to accounts of racism. It’s all there and it makes one feel like a trapeze artist swinging back and forth. It’s a growth process to know how to process all of this information and what to do with it and know what I can reasonably do in the community I’m in. No one person can change the world.”


16 | Eden Iris | Blue Home

THE PRESS RELEASE: “New Zealand-native, Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Eden Iris releases a new single Blue Home, an uplifting and timely song, not written specifically about our current state of affairs, but absolutely resonates right now. “It’s a letter of longing, at a time where I was trying to hold onto hope,” says Eden. “It was a cathartic but intense song to write. I started out playing it at open mics and it has been a part of my set-list ever since. It is probably one of the most honest songs I have ever written.”

17 | Pluko x Panama | Higher

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Rising producer Pluko has teamed up with Australian vocalist Panama for a lush indie electronic single, Higher. Using glistening synth-work and a steady, rhythmic drum beat, Pluko lays down a blissful musical bed for Panama’s harmonious vocals as the track builds towards moments of true euphoria. The new single is the latest in a string of dynamic collaborations from Pluko. Panama has recently collaborated with high profile artists by the likes of Poolside, Petit Biscuit and Satin Jacket, and has delivered numerous successful solo EPs, including the platinum certified Always.”

18 | Mickey Avalon | Ultra-Violence

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Debaucherous rock ‘n’ roll rapper Mickey Avalon has released a brand new single for Ultra-Violence produced by Smoov-E. The song is the second single from Mickey Avalon’s upcoming new album Speak of the Devil, which is scheduled for a June 26 release. “The title of the song, Ultra-Violence was inspired by the movie A Clockwork Orange by Stanley Kubrick. The film follows some youngsters that are bored and empty, and are committing violence, just to pass the time and feel alive. I feel like we are in a similar time, and even a movie like the new Joker addresses some of the same ideas. My song Ultra-Violence is just a little slice of time with two guys in that world.”

19 | Cauldron Black Ram | Slaver

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Australian crew Cauldron Black Ram — formed by primary members of Mournful Congregation and Stargazer — have issued the title track to their long-time-coming Slaver LP. A sordid new slab of metallic wrath, Slaver is nearing release later this month. Slaver presents 10 new tales of grim malevolence and dishonorable miscreants. The experienced hand of decades renders this singularly underground beast adept in the dark arts of skulduggery and churning sodden death deliverance, a task of which they partake with cruel delight. Fans of Aura Noir, Stargazer, Sempiternal Dusk, Coffins, Autopsy, and Sacrifyx should keep their periscope on the horizon for Cauldron Black Ram’s Slaver to strike on May 22.”

20 | ACxDC | Gorged

THE PRESS RELEASE:Gorged from West Coast powerviolence practitioners ACxDC is the latest bruiser from the band’s ripping Satan Is King full-length, set for release later this month. Comments vocalist Sergio Amalfitano of the track, “This song is about gluttony and a callous lack of empathy for living creatures that inhabit the earth along with us. Destroying billions of lives — human and non human alike — and by extension the earth for the sake of taste buds and traditions seems to me to be the most egomaniacal thing we can do. It’s a simple choice we make every time we eat.” For a band whose full moniker is Antichrist Demoncore, it may come as no surprise that Satan plays a prominent rule across Satan Is King. Satan here, however, serves as a motif for rebellion, for self-discovery, and for rejecting authority rather than as a literal figure of praise. With a tongue-in-cheek title that serves as a response to Kanye West’s Jesus Is King album, Satan Is King is the antidote to excess, greed, and mindless indulgence.”

21 | Suicide Silence | Overlord

THE PRESS RELEASE: “California extreme metal titans Suicide Silence released their sixth studio album Become The Hunter earlier this year. Today, the band released the B-side track Overlord. Eddie Hermida comments, “The inspiration for Overlord came from the events surrounding the Heaven’s Gate mass suicide in the late ’90s. The lyrics involve not allowing yourself to be ruled by others, which is a concept that’s highly relatable to many aspects of how we still live today.”

22 | Shred Kelly | Disconnect

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Alternative Folk Rock band Shred Kelly share their brand new single Disconnect, from their forthcoming LP Like A Rising Sun due out June 19. “Disconnect is a song about not being able to see eye to eye with somebody about damaging trends you can see beginning to repeat themselves;” shares the band. “It’s how you can begin to sound like a broken record when you’re advocating for something you feel strongly about with someone who is resistant to seeing another point of view. The song conveys both the frustration about the difficulty of communication and connecting but it’s still framed in this intense desire or need to connect. Written before the current events of the world, but now strangely the lyrics seem to mirror what is currently happening in the world around us.”

23 | Riches | Lily

THE PRESS RELEASE: “The manifestation of an ongoing dialogue between Catherine McCandless (Young Galaxy) and Wynn Holmes (choreographer), Riches is a multidisciplinary collaboration of music, dance and performance. Today, Riches shares Lily, the third single to be shared ahead of the duo’s anticipated upcoming debut record and Holmes’ lead vocal debut. Lily is a love song for a primordial creative power, the mother/monster — the central figure of both worship and terror in many horror narratives – with the power of creation and destruction. The lyrics imagine this figure’s ability to disrupt order, to drown out and destroy hegemony and patriarchy. Belonging to those who are willing to question things and take them apart, to sacrifice themselves to create out of love, Lily is a worship song for transformation and the gentle violence of total deconstruction before the bloom of new forms.”

24 | Little Hurt | Alaska

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Breezy, bright and bouncy, new single Alaska from Little Hurt (aka Colin Dieden — ex singer/guitarist of The Mowglis) is an instant Alt.Pop classic that is destined to be one of the sing-along songs of the summer. Speaking to the inspiration for the song, Dieden says: “Alaska was the second song I wrote after starting Little Hurt. It came from a deep desire to separate myself from some aspects of my past that I found painful. That feeling of wanting to throw away everything you’ve ever known and start again”. He continues “The concept first came to me while eating in San Francisco (as mentioned in the song) surrounded by friends, and realizing how alone I felt. I set that against some music that feels a bit happy because, well, that makes it all a lot more fun for everyone else!”

25 | nÜ nÜ | Gud @ Gudbyes (feat. Raene)

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Hailing from Vancouver, nÜ nÜ is ready to make his debut with Gud @ Gudbyes. Featuring fellow, buzzing, hometown singer/songwriter Raene, the new offering is an emotive and moody tune that not only puts nÜ nÜ’s impressive production on full display, but also shows his penchant for writing memorable, genre-bending tunes that will without a doubt connect with the masses. From beginning to end the new tune brings ever-evolving soundscapes, incredible dynamics and concise arrangements that help to drive the songs emotional connection with listeners.”

26 | Ludic | Love Me Like

THE PRESS RELEASE: “While their hometown of Vancouver, B.C may be known for moody indie-rock, Ludic exudes a delightfully bright and unique brand of groovy tunes. The young Vancouver trio is composed of Ayla Tesler-Mabe (18), Rhett Cunningham (18), and Max Cunningham (20). When the Cunningham brothers met Ayla at a local jam in 2017, something clicked, prompting Ayla, guitarist of Calpurnia, to branch outside of indie-rock. With each of its members multi-instrumentalists and songwriters in their own right, the talented trio create dynamic genre-defying music that speaks as an entity of its own. Ludic just released a playful, groovy new single, Love Me Like, which seamlessly blends vintage and present soul, funk, jazz, and pop.”

27 | Iration | Right Here Right Now

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Reggae-influenced alternative rock band Iration has announced the details for their new studio album Coastin’ and released new single Right Here Right Now featuring Eric Rachmany from Rebelution and Stick Figure. “Right Here, Right Now is a song that celebrates living in the moment,” shares Iration. “We wanted to give everybody an anthem, and who better to enlist than our friends Eric Rachmany from Rebelution and Stick Figure? Our new album Coastin’ is a record about being thankful for the moments that we have and this song really focuses on that. It’s such a timely message, so let’s all celebrate self-reflection and live in the present.”

28 | Church & AP | War Outside

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Kiwi rap duo Church & AP return with their new heater. War Outside marks a new era for the duo, who have quickly become one of New Zealand’s hottest musical exports in the past year, since their meteoric rise from summer smash Ready Or Not and debut album Teeth. As the world is stuck in-doors, the pent up frustration and anger of an entire generation can be felt in the opening few lines of the track. “War Outside is a song to ride out to,” they say. “We’ve been steadily carving out our lane and setting the tone in our scene. This song is a proclamation that we’re war ready. Nothing can get in the way of what we’re about to do.”

29 | Grizzly Coast | Catch & Release

THE PRESS RELEASE:Grizzly Coast’s newest single, Catch & Release, explores how good it feels to be boundless in this world with nothing holding you back. Powerful guitars and a fun melody evoke feelings of joy. Toronto-based indie rock project Grizzly Coast blend Alannah Kavanagh’s trademark thoughtful lyricism with dreamy guitar rock sensibilities. Formerly performing as an acoustic singer-songwriter, Kavanagh wears her expansion into full-band territory well on the forthcoming Party of One EP.”

30 | Bee Bee Sea | Daily Jobs

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Italian garage-psych trio Bee Bee Sea return with new track Daily Jobs. The single is taken from their upcoming new album Day Ripper, out on Oct. 9. Daily Jobs is the opening track of the new album, and it encapsulates its sound and themes in the space of just over 3 minutes. Frenzied riffs, sharp tempo shifts, melodic choruses, euphoric singalongs: they are all in there representing life’s manic ups and downs and the all-consuming thirst for hope, release and escapism. “The prospect of having a shitty job for the rest of our lives can be suffocating. This song, and the album as a whole, are basically the summary of our lives in the last couple of years, split between working in a factory during the day and playing our music at night. Night is a dream and a day… Day Ripper!”

31 | Race Banyon | We Need It

THE PRESS RELEASE: “New Zealand electronic producer Race Banyon (aka Eddie Johnston) returns with We Need It, the first single to be lifted from his upcoming new EP, set for release on July 7. Initially born as a deep acid-influenced house cut so he could play during his DJ sets, We Need It ended up being a more pop affair, somewhere “in that Venn diagram where I’ve always wanted Race Banyon to be”, he explains. Talking about the writing process behind the EP, the intriguing producer reveals; “most of the tracks were inspired by personal frustration and creative block. A desire to create songs that were a little darker and hit a bit harder”, he adds, “and as always, by a desire to get out and dance.”

32 | Jordan Lindley | Bummed

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Following up on his critically acclaimed debut EP Look Back released last year, Nashville-based artist Jordan Lindley is back with a folk love song entitled Bummed. Written by Jordan himself and produced by Austin Bianco, the song is a folk gem filled with authenticity that gives us an opportunity to discover another side of the songwriter’s work. Speaking about the song, he shares “It’s a love song that walks us through the actions we take when we miss someone, but never fully articulate. I wrote Bummed on a summer afternoon, in which I realized that I was falling for someone that lived hundreds of miles away. I didn’t know where exactly all of the words were coming from, I just knew that I wanted to, sort of, list out the things about this person that I missed and admired. To me, the song shows a sense of happiness, loss, wonder, and hope — and that’s exactly what I was feeling at the time.”

33 | Mark Olson & Ingunn Ringvold | Silent Mary

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Old memories swirling in the warm Joshua Tree breezes provided Jayhawks founder Mark Olson and his wife, Norwegian singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Ingunn Ringvold, with the inspiration for the set of intriguing, imagistic songs that lovingly fill their latest outing, Magdalen Accepts the Invitation, coming June 5. “I try to make writing a spiritual exercise, in the sense that it is good for a person, like a nice evening, and I want to see what new kind of thought and melody can I make up on the porch with an instrument. Having lived in the California desert for 25 years is important, and I have a porch now. In the early days in Minnesota I didn’t. I was constantly moving and wrote a lot of songs in Southern and Northwestern MN at family relation-houses. Also I like to write outside and I finished some of this song at a park bench in Big Pine, CA.”

34 | Tithe | Mantra

THE PRESS RELEASE: “The debut LP from Tithe is called Penance, and now band has unveiled a new single titled Mantra. Emerging from the rain-soaked grey of Portland, Oregon, Tithe is leaving its mark of pummeling auditory exploration. Drawing influence from all over the musical spectrum, Tithe offers a truly unique blend of death, grind, and sludge metal. The trio comes together with their debut full-length album Penance to explore the psychedelic experience and the depravity of human nature. Featuring Matt Eiseman on guitar, Alex Huddleston on bass and Kevin Swartz on drums, Tithe is a force to be reckoned with on the metal circuit and shows no signs of holding back.”

35 | Allegra Krieger | Rot

THE PRESS RELEASE:Allegra Krieger has shared a new single Rot. The Brooklyn, NY based singer-songwriter penned Rot about toxic apathy amidst a climate crisis, but you could just as easily replace “climate crisis” with “global pandemic.” This tale of “someone who has assimilated into a culture of wanting and taking without reparation,” as Krieger explains, mirrors human arrogances exposed by the COVID-19 crisis. Rot finds Allegra at her most sardonic, with a compact grunge-rock sound reminiscent of Margaret Glaspy, Soccer Mommy and Lucy Dacus.”

36 | Ten Foot Wizard | Namaste Dickhead

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Manchester’s cheeky heavy rock unit Ten Foot Wizard announce the release of their juggernaut third album Get Out Of Your Mind on July 10. Stream their first single Namaste Dickhead now! Blending the classic sounds of Black Sabbath and ZZ Top with the grooves of contemporary luminaries such as Clutch, and the funk of Parliament/Funkadelic, Manchester’s tropical riff storm Ten Foot Wizard are set to raise the bar for fans of swaggering rock anthems with the release of their gigantic third album. Formed in Manchester, England in 2009, Ten Foot Wizard started as a stoner rock group, but quickly began to incorporate elements of punk, metal, blues, funk and psych into a heady mix of sexy fuzzed up debauchery. Live appearances alongside respected acts such as Karma To Burn, Scissorfight, Pentagram, Witch Mountain, and Elephant Tree have fashioned Ten Foot Wizard into a phenomenal live act.”

37 | City & Colour | Song of Unrest (Isolation Remix)

THE PRESS RELEASE:City and Colour, acclaimed singer, songwriter and performer Dallas Green, announces a special remix for Song of Unrest titled Song of Unrest (Isolation Remix). It will be available exclusively via City and Colour’s Bandcamp on Friday for 24 hours. The anticipated release aligns with Bandcamp waiving all artist fees. In that spirit, the track is available to purchase at a $2 minimum with the option to pay more as all profits from the sale of the remix will be shared between Food Banks Canada and Feeding America.”

38+39 | Roam | Fools Errand + Momentum

THE PRESS RELEASE:Roam is the genre blending music producer who’s scoring the thoughts & feelings of Gen Y. His introspective, 2-step & UK Garage influenced electronic music tackles some of the most prominent themes of millennial life such as finding genuine connections, reciprocated love & affection, dealing with loneliness & most recently, mental health. His latest LP, The Wraith is due for release in May following the two new singles Momentum & Fools Errand.”

40 | Moxi | Hush

THE PRESS RELEASE:Moxi is a husband/wife indie pop duo from Los Angeles featuring the dreamy, introspective vocals of Anna Toy overlaid on the cinematic musical landscape crafted by Andy Toy. Drawing on elements of modern pop and 80’s cinema, Moxi sets Anna’s distinct vocals against a backdrop of dark textures, moody guitar sonics and memorable dream-pop melodies. Moxi’s latest single Hush is an abstract and emotional exploration of the feeling of pain. Hush’s minimalist production highlights Anna’s vocoded lyrics pondering mental health and the collective human experience, instantly drawing you in through a dreamy, emotive vortex of sound. Produced and co-written with longtime collaborator and Emmy Award winner Bobby Hartry, and mixed by Radiohead & U2 collaborator Bryan Cook, Hush is currently available worldwide.”

41 | Lani Renaldo | Love Games

THE PRESS RELEASE:Lani Renaldo is an artist, producer and multi-instrumentalist from Los Angeles. Her upcoming EP NOHEARTBREAK2020 is an exploration of being in your 20s. Entirely produced, written and performed by Lani herself, the EP is about accepting where you are in the moment and not being so hard on yourself. Leading single Love Games is based on personal experiences, but also on something that lots of people have trouble with… this idea of a ‘love game’ and playing games with emotions. Reminiscent of The Weeknd meets Banks, the moody track features a mosaic of synths, gliding atop funky melodies, a confident bassline and punchy percussion.”

42 | Imogen Clark | Found Me

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Australian singer-songwriter Imogen Clark releases a brand new single Found Me, her first new music in two years and the first taste of her The Making Of Me six-track EP, which is due out in August. Found Me was written with Clare Bowen (who also sings harmonies on the track) and Brandon Robert Young; it’s an uplifting track that highlights Imogen’s soaring vocals. Recorded in LA and produced by Mike Bloom, the song represents the songstress’ personal evolution from vulnerable to confident, the journey of finding strength and power in chaos and heartbreak.”

43 | Jeffrey James | Aftermath

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Nashville singer/songwriter Jeffrey James is releasing his new single Aftermath, a delightful, piano-driven love ballad, complete with soul-baring lyricism and captivating vocals. “It’s about watching a love grow more than you thought was possible,” Jeffrey explains of the new single. “You realize it’s strong enough to make it through any situation and even if everything fell apart around you, you’d have the strength of the bond to help you both rebuild.”

44 | Minhee Jones | 6 Feet

THE PRESS RELEASE:Minhee Jones is an alt-pop artist, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist originally from Los Angeles and now based in London. Jones’s upcoming debut EP showcases her sheer talents with her taking lead on the drums, bass, analog synths, piano and even a vintage harmonium. Leading single 6 Feet started out as an ode to self-medication, written about all the ways we distract ourselves from reality. Then after Covid-19 hit, it became even more poignant. Jones explains, “I feel like we’re all in a place where our brains don’t want to deal with the full scope of this terrible thing that has taken over the world and we are also — more than ever — surrounded with means to medicate ourselves into avoiding it, be it actual medication, booze, chocolate, Netflix, or social media. So we’re stuck at home and suddenly we’re drinking more and eating more and bingeing more TV and online ALL THE TIME in an effort to not deal with just how destructive this virus has been to humanity.”

45 | Loud Hound | Melancholy Boy

THE PRESS RELEASE:Loud Hound is the solo project of East Coast songwriter/ producer Tommy Florio. With influences spanning across all genres and eras, Loud Hound’s sound is not easy to pin down, yet his lo-fi guitar sound and lyrical topics seem to be the common denominator. His music carries a weight, a sense of longing and isolation, stemming from never staying in one place for too long. Raised in the desert, the musician moved all around the east coast as a kid, until eventually landing on an isolated island in New Jersey… for now. His latest release Melancholy Boy is an authentic and candid song narrating the singer’s struggles with depression and anxiety. He confides, “The song is kind of like an ode to myself being a sad boy and the indecisiveness that comes with incompatible love that is blinded by infatuation.”

46 | Don Amero | Wouldn’t Be Home

THE PRESS RELEASE: “An engaging storyteller, singer-songwriter and performer, three-time Juno Award nominee Don Amero has been tirelessly touring, performing and speaking across Canada for the last decade, earning the respect and attention of the Canadian Music industry and fans alike. “I know we are all home a lot more than usual these days and I bet we’re all thinking ‘I can’t wait to get out!’,” says Amero. “That’s definitely the case here at my house. I love these people, but what I wouldn’t give for a night out with my buds. All that said, there’s some real special memories being made in this season. I hope this song not only brings you back to your youth with memories of growing up but that it will also be a long time reminder of ‘the year we all stayed home’ and all the good times we had there!”