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The Last Bandoleros | Live from Texas

This is probably as close as you'll get to a concert for the next little while.


THE PRESS RELEASE:The Last Bandoleros captured their renowned live set – 1 part country-tinged rock and 2 parts fiery Tex-Mex – during one crazy night at the legendary Floores Country Store just outside San Antonio, Texas (the band’s home turf) for a new album, Live From Texas.Floores is about 15 minutes from where we grew up and we love playing there; it always gets a little wild” says Diego Navaira, Bandolero bassist and one half of the band’s powerful rhythm section with his brother Emilio (Jr.). The Navaira brothers are the sons of the late, great Tejano legend Emilio Navaira with whom they grew up playing. Award-winning guitarist Jerry Fuentes, also from San Antonio, and New York-raised Derek James (guitar) round out The Last Bandoleros’ members, who all trade off on lead vocals and 4-part harmonies. “Our new album, Live from Texas is another opportunity for people to hear the energy and urgency that we bring live but in their own car or living room,” says Emilio before Derek interjects, “It’s full-on Bandos, unfiltered and unhinged.”

MY TWO CENTS: Any band that covers Texas Tornados’ Spanglish two-stepper Hey Baby, Que Pasó is worth a shot. And a band that surrounds it with a high-octane mix of Yankee roots-rock and authentic Tex-Mex fare — mostly new originals not found on their 2018 debut album — is worth adding to your playlist. Plus, live albums are as close as any of us are gonna get to a concert for a while.