Ultra_eko | Twisted: Exclusive Video Premiere

The London hip-hop artist's latest paints a grim portrait of addiction & devastation.

Ultra_eko puts addiction’s devastating legacy in black-and-white terms in the cinematic video for his harrowing new single Twisted — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

The latest release from the South London hip-hop artist’s recently released EP Kitchen Sink Dramas, the grim single and video chronicle the destruction that drugs inflict on all in their path.

“I think of this track as the sort of prodigal son returning type tale,” explains Ultra_eko. “Although in this case he is returning to the ruin and destruction that he has left behind in the wake of his addictions. A simple twist of fate and his own destined path had led him to a life of addiction; a life that leaves him broken and eaten up, consumed by regrets for all the mistakes he has made. I really love the writing in this song, and for me personally, it is my favourite track from the EP. In fact, this particular verse below, is the piece of writing I love the most from the EP.”

When he pushed open the door
Nobody ain’t never have to tell him nothing
He could see so clearly with his own eyes that everything was broken
The old man stooped bent, right down

While the women’s eyes filled with tears every time she stole a glance
Truth resided in these deathly silences and longing stares across the dining table
No words spoken except for pass the salt please
Knives and forks crash together
Cut into the cold rare meat
Red blood run across the cutlery
Not a single laugh
Not a single smile
Not a touch of warmth
Never no forgiveness
No forgiveness never
Just sight of
Red blood running blood blood red
Across the cutlery
Red blood running blood red
Licking on those dry cracked lips
Red blood running blood red
Black teeth as he bite down on that red raw meat

Powerful lyrics — and there’s plenty more where they came from. Featuring six tracks of haunting imagery and narratives, Kitchen Sink Dramas is a compelling journey to the underside of pop, with tales of poetic lyricism and depth played out against a lush, sweetly melodic flow.

“I like to think of the six tracks on this EP as six short stories — twisted tales from the darker side of life,” Ultra_eko explains. “They cover a variety of themes, from disillusionment with authority and religion to poverty and struggle in. These characters are haunted by dark memories and depressions, broken and damaged relationships. These tracks are not easy listening, but I hope they represent something impressive, meaningful, and refreshingly original. I hope that listeners pause and are able to take the time to really follow the stories told in each of them, and that they find a little more depth within the music than the usual.”

The title of the EP was inspired by a British cultural movement from the late 1950s and early 1960s, when theatre, art, novels, film and television plays featured protagonists who could be described as ‘angry young men’ disillusioned with society. Ultra_eko is no stranger to that dark side. He has been releasing music for less than a year, but the prolific artist has demonstrated a varied, eclectic and wholly unique talent.

While his sound would certainly be classed as hip-hop, it is not fuelled by cliche or convention. Rather, it is the unique voice of Ultra_eko himself, the self-professed storyteller, whose powerful writing and vision shines through every track. His passion is evident and he has a story to tell, a journey upon which to take his listeners and hold them captive. His tales are often dark, touching on regret, struggles between conflicted lovers, breakdowns in relationships, the difficulties of understanding ourselves and our place in the modern world. There is a depth and authenticity to his work that springs from his own wealth of experience. Born and raised in South London, Ultra_eko has spent his life among the people of whom he writes. His colourful and dramatic existence as a market trader, pro gambler, and bootlegger — along with other trades — is a main source of inspiration.

Watch Twisted above, listen to Kitchen Sink Dramas below, and follow Ultra_eko on Instagram and Twitter.