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Jars | Vilnius IV

This Moscow trio make a big noise in their latest Lithuanian live release.


THE PRESS RELEASE:Jars is a Moscow-based trio whose music is not for the faint of heart: the band’s style of noise-rock is ferocious, relentless and vicious. The sound they produce takes you back to the 1990s and makes you think you’re dealing with the signees of Amphetamine Reptile, possibly the most influential record label for the genre. Although, stylistically Jars reminds of their implacable Western brethren, their catchy lyrics are written in Russian and tell stories about a life of a “small man” who’s aspiring his dreams despite the amount of consumed substances and daily routine.”

MY TWO CENTS: Every band is beloved somewhere. Moscow noise-punk power trio Jars seem to be doing OK in Lithuania’s capital, based on the fact that Vilnius IV is (as the title suggests) their fourth live album recorded in the city. It’s not hard to hear why audiences there keeps bringing them back for more — this high-volume, high-voltage, high-velocity eight-song set is delivered with the unflagging intensity, furious abandon and undiluted commitment of men with nothing to lose, nowhere to turn and no fucks left to give. With that kind of attitude, they deserve to be beloved around the world. Or at least in your world.