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Buffalo Summer | Desolation Blue

These hirsute Welshmen rock out like a crew of hirsute southerners.


THE PRESS RELEASE: “South Welsh rockers Buffalo Summer release their third-and-monumental-album Desolation Blue. With their unique air of mystery and magic enveloped by some of the warmest and most addictive rolling riffs this side of the planet, Desolation Blue was recorded capturing the band’s energy at its very best – live off the floor at Rockfield Studios and Monnow Valley Studio in Wales. Produced by Barrett Martin (The Screaming Trees) once more, and predominantly engineered by Tom Manning, the sessions took just five days, giving Desolation Blue an electric, spontaneous edge. Andrew Hunt (vocals), Jonny Williams (guitar), Darren King (bass) and Gareth Hunt (drums) are joined on the album by Peter Buck (R.E.M.) with a 12-string guitar on The Bitter End plus mandolin on Last To Know, Kelby Ray Caldwell (The Cadillac Three) with lap steel on Hit The Ground Running, Emma Bryden with cello on Last To Know and Pilot Light plus Barrett Martin stepping out of the production chair to play some percussion, vibraphone and Fender Rhodes & Hammond organ across the board. Whether quoting Bukowski or throwing down the sort of thick, warm, swervy-curvy grooves that will have bikers revving their engines and patchouli-scented rockers rollin’ their bodies to the riffs, Desolation Blue is a masterfully mature step-up for Buffalo Summer.”

MY TWO CENTS: Enjoy some meaty, beaty, big and beefy blues-rock anthems from a crew of hirsute Welshmen who sound like a crew of hirsute southerners. Speaking of southerners: For those keeping score at home, this is the third album of the month (and second this week) to feature contributions from R.E.M. guitarist Peter Buck. I’m honestly starting to wonder if he needs the money or something.