Riell | Control of Me: Exclusive Video Premiere

Canadian singer-songwriter shares spellbinding single from upcoming debut album.

Riell is a prisoner of love in new single and video Control of Me — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

The latest track from the singer-songwriter’s upcoming debut album Paradise, the spellbindingly dark and gritty video is the second in a series of five connected videos that will be released ahead of the album.

Control of Me is a heavy, groove driven track inspired by a relationship with a moth-to-flame dynamic,” Riell says. “Even with the relationship being monopolized by this dynamic, the song acknowledges the fact that people only have as much power over you as you give them. In this song, it happens to be someone I gave a lot of control over me and I liked and went along with it. At the end of the day though, I knew they only had control of me for as long as I gave it to them as that is how that power always works.”

Photo by Tyler McIntyre.

Riell shares her obsession with raw experience and adventures from around the globe, creating an innovative mix of artists like Halsey, The Weeknd and Anne Marie. In addition to her upcoming solo debut, Riell is a highly sought after vocalist in the EDM scene, working with producers such as Egzod, Besomorph and Unknown Brain. Her energetic live show, complete with emotional, haunting vocals and relatable lyrics, has taken her on three international tours spanning Europe, Africa, Asia, and Canada. Her debut album Paradise is scheduled to release worldwide in October 2020.

Watch Control of Me above, listen to more of Riell’s music below and find out more about her via her website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.