Certain Doom’s Terrible Beauty Accompanies Today’s Album Announcements

You can try to run and hide, but you cannot escape the onslaught.


There aren’t many moments in my sorry-ass life when I get to feel like a character from a blockbuster action movie. But today is most definitely one of them. Trouble is, my character ain’t the muscle-bound, lantern-jawed, quip-spewing hero who singlehandedly saves the world (along with his hottie-scientist girlfriend and faithful dog) from whatever destructive forces are mere seconds away from decimating the planet. Nope. Not even close. Me? I’m the ineffectual, bad-postured shlub who finds himself up standing on the shore at the very moment the asteroid/alien death ship/massive tidal wave/sharknado/whatever comes crashing down upon him — as he helplessly gazes with shock and awe upon its terrible beauty, knowing for certain he is doomed and has squandered his life for nothing. Which — not to put too fine a point on it or anything — is how I feel about today’s onslaught of new album announcements. I’m not even going to try to run and hide from this vast wave of albums, EPs, singles, live discs, box sets, vinyl reissues and who-the-hell-knows-what-else. I’m just going to surrender, let it all wash over me and tell you to run and save yourself. So pick up your gun, make that impossible leap across the bottomless chasm to safety and flee to the calmer waters of the Upcoming Releases page to see how it all turns out. God help us all.

February 7

ESA | Burial 10
Matt Pond PA | A Collection of Bees Part 1

February 14

Archon Angel | Fallen
These New Puritans | The Cut (2016-2019)

February 21

Fractured Insanity | Massive Human Failure

February 28

Lil Baby | My Turn

March 6

Embrace | The Good Will Out Vinyl Reissue
Embrace | Drawn From Memory Vinyl Reissue
Embrace | If You’ve Never Been Vinyl Reissue
Garcia Peoples | 10-10-19 Nublu NYC
Honey Harper | Starmaker
Nexorum | Death Unchained
Psychonaut | Unfold The God Man

March 13

Luke De-Scisicio | Good Bye Folk Boy
Electric Indigo | Ferrum
Hamell on Trial | Ed’s Not Dead: Hamell Comes Alive!
Inhuman | Unseen Dead
Mundy’s Bay | Lonesome Valley
Trevor Rabin | Changes

March 20

Angerot | The Divine Apostate
Circa Survive | Blue Sky Noise
Cocteau Twins | Garlands Vinyl Reissue
Cocteau Twins | Victorialand Vinyl Reissue
Matthew Tavares & Leland Whitty | Visions

March 27

Daniel Avery & Alessandro Cortini | Illusion of Time
Diarchy | Splitfire
Great Electric Quest | Live From Freak Valley
Mairena | Weird All The Time
Mister Nobu | Tavie
The Necks | Three
Suicide Machines | Revolution Spring
Michael Vallera | Window In

April 3

Depravation | III: Odor Mortis
Dua Lipa | Future Nostalgia
Marillion | Script For A Jester’s Tear 4CD
The Monochrome Set | Love Zombies Reissue
The Monochrome Set | Strange Boutique Reissue
Testament | Titans of Creation

April 10

Akurion | Come Forth To Me
Cordyceps | Betrayal
Eliza Gilkyson | 2020
Myth Of I | Myth Of I
Cat Stevens | Back to Earth Deluxe Edition
Ultimate Fakebook | Daydream Radio Is Smiling Static

April 17

Nick Mason’s Saucerful Of Secrets | Live At The Roundhouse

April 24

Braids | Shadow Offering
Dätcha Mandala | Hara
Hazel English | Wake Up!
Gaffa Ghandi | Artificial Disgust
Katatonia | City Burials

May 8

Endless Forms | More Than Candy
Eve Owen | Don’t Let The Ink Dry

May 15

Declan McKenna | Zeros

May 22

Reckless Kelly | American Girls
Reckless Kelly | American Jackpot