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Submission Accomplished | Three Decent Indie Albums From The Virtual Stack

Artists of all styles & stripes send me their stuff. Here are some titles worth sharing.

Thanks to the inexplicable popularity of my Submit Music page, I always have dozens of albums, EPs, singles and videos stacked up like virtual cordwood, awaiting my perusal. Here are three reasonably recent submissions you oughta find interesting (actually, I have no idea what you find interesting; all I can tell ya is that I dug them). I’ve included Bandcamp links so you can buy the music straight from the source. Tell ’em I sent ya. And if you’ve got something to hear, send it my way. If I think you’re half as good as you think you are, I just might include you next time.

Los Doggies

THE PRESS RELEASE:Los Doggies was formed in the late ’90s by the Stormo brothers, Jesse and Evan, while writing jingles for their answering machine. With Matt Ross on bass, they now make music as an indie rock trio in the mountain valley town of New Paltz, New York. Raw and complex, intimate but fiercely energetic, Los Doggies revels in an original ensemble voice: serious post- and progressive-rock approached with an unaffected innocence that you might almost call punk.”

MY TWO CENTS: They pitched themselves to me as “a mix of Nirvana and Yes.” The latter is a no-brainer, based on their proggy arrangements, syncopated rhythms, nimble basslines and melodic high-angle vocals. But aside from one song that’s kinda noisy and serrated, I don’t really get a grunge/Cobain vibe from anything here. Maybe you’ll hear things differently.

Grant Nesmith
Between Tides

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Inspired by the twang of Gram Parsons and the don’t give a you-know-what of Neil Young, Myrtle Beach native Grant Nesmith picked up a guitar at the age of 12. After playing in bands from SC to NY, Grant has released his debut solo album, Between Tides. Enjoy the sounds of back-porch pickin (Gone So Fast) to classic shoegaze (Rise), and all the sounds in between, on this eclectic release.”

MY TWO CENTS: The key word in that title is Between. The impressively multi-talented Nesmith is a hard man to pin down here, mixing and matching elements of indie-folk, alt-country, psychedelia, Americana, orch-pop and more into his own updated strain of Cosmic American Music. On the one hand, he could be a little more focused in his approch; on the other, he couldn’t be much more creative or skilled (he apparently played every instrument here with the exception of the pedal steel). Either way, it oughta float yer boat.

Bob Gaulke

THE PRESS RELEASE: “I’m a middle-aged public school teacher with an odd record collection; ’80s alternative, then a lot of French and Brazilian material. I don’t get a lot of feedback on my work and often feel like quitting, but I don’t know what else I’d do with my time if I did. I just put out an album called Obsessives and tend to release one or two records a year. I get (compared to) Lou Reed or Beck a lot; I guess there are just limited options for white guys who listen to a wide range of stuff.

MY TWO CENTS: The Beck/Lou Reed comparisons aren’t totally out of whack, but I’d say it’s more of a combo than an either/or. To me, a lot of his tastefully understated offerings sound a little like Reed covering one of Beck‘s mellower Tropicalia-flavoured outings, complete with jazzy horns. I sincerely hope his guy’s teaching music and not gym or something.

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