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Moby’s All Visible Objects Tops A Tidal Wave Of New Album Announcements

The Mobester, Mandy Moore, Born Ruffians, King Krule and others add to the mayhem.


Thank you sir, may I have another? I’ve been reflexively spouting that like a gibbering dipshit all day — thanks chiefly to the onslaught of new album announcements clogging up my inbox like chicken grease and racism in a Republican’s duodenum. Long story shortish: Every godddamnbody and their dog decided today was not only a good day, but perhaps the bestest freaking day in the whole history of days to spread the word about their wonderful new musical creations. The biggest doggie on the porch (or whale in the water, to unmix my metaphoricals) would probably have to be Moby, who revealed his 16th studio album All Visible Objects will arrive kicking and squirming on March 6. To his chrome-domed credit, it isn’t all about the Mobester: He also announced he’ll be donating the proceeds to a range of eco-friendly charities listed on his website. What more do you want? Well, how about a crazy-quilt of new releases from Mandy Moore, Born Ruffians, King Krule and, oh, 40 or so other artists? Read all about it by scrolling downward or zipping sideways to the Upcoming Releases page, where you can always have another. And another. And another. And …

January 17

Porta Nigra | Schöpfungswut
Svarttjern | Shame Is Just A Word

January 24

Thin Lizzy | Fighting Vinyl
Thin Lizzy | Jailbreak Vinyl
Thin Lizzy | Nightlife Vinyl

January 31

Brenner & Molenaar | Uninvited Savior
Tré Burt | Caught It From the Rye
Deathwhite | Grave Image
Jacques Greene | Dawn Chorus Deluxe
Kim Harris | Heirloom
Mære | I

February 7

Karg | Traktat
Laughing In The Face Of | Here Lies Ordinary

February 14

Dboy | New Records In Human Power
Pornohelmut | Bang Lord
Rognvald | The New Selecta Vol. 3

February 21

King Krule | Man Alive!
Katie Pruitt | Expectations
Sunny Jain | Wild Wild East

February 28

The Allman Brothers Band | Trouble No More: 50th Anniversary Collection
Kevin Krauter | Full Hand Out
Mute Choir | Silent Conversations
Soccer Mommy | color theory
Void Of Sleep | Metaphora

March 6

Earth Rot | Black Tides Of Obscurity
Jasmine Guffond | Microphone Permission
Kate Mills | Each Bittersweet Drop
Moby | All Visible Objects
Mandy Moore | Silver Landings
Thick | 5 Years Behind
Wombbath | Choirs of The Fallen

March 13

Orchards | Lovecore
Ultraísta | Sister
Vaisseau | Horrors Waiting in Line

March 20

Game Theory | Across the Barrier of Sound: Postscript
Medico Peste | ב: The Black Bile
Myrkur | Folkesange

March 27

Cable Ties | Far Enough
Kim Richie | A Long Way Back: The Songs of Glimmer
Tokimonsta | Oasis Nocturno
Evan Uhlmann | Tea Lady

April 3

Born Ruffians | Juice
Anna Burch | If You’re Dreaming
Scott Hardware | Engel

April 24

The 1975 | Notes on a Conditional Form (New Release Date)

May 8

…and Oceans | Cosmic World Mother