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Albums Of The Week | 11: Devon Gilfillian | Black Hole Rainbow

The singer-songwriter serves up intergalactic soul power for the new millennium.


“At its core, Black Hole Rainbow is a hip-shaking album about love, on multiple levels. “The theme of the record is pulling yourself out of a dark place and learning how to love yourself, and getting back up and learning from your mistakes,” Devon Gilfillian says. “It’s about falling in love, falling out of love, and then learning how to love yourself; picking yourself up and really figuring out what matters in your life, and to never stop hustling.” Admiring producer Shawn Everett’s ability to take organic tones into another dimension and to build a sense of futurism into a vintage rock and roll sound, Gilfillian’s goal was to add a similar sensibility into his own soulful songs and to take his psychedelic rock and soul chops plus his love of retro- sampling, modern beat composition into a new context. So the duo – along with Gilfillian’s backing band – recorded the songs on tape at Electro-Vox Studios in Los Angeles, using a wide variety of vintage gear, analog boards and everything-including-the-kitchen-sink methods to capture specific sounds, and then pressed the tracks on vinyl. Everett uploaded those recordings into ProTools as samples he could manipulate them in a modern environment. The resulting album, Black Hole Rainbow, is a daring collision of eras, styles and genres.”


Intergalactic soul power for the new millennium.