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Late-Night TV Music (Very Average Edition) | Nov. 11, 2019

Pete Yorn, Doja Cat & Florida Georgia Line make the most of a mediocre Monday.


Some people say good things come in threes. Other people say it’s bad things. I don’t know which is true. Maybe both. But after watching Monday’s late-night TV lineup, I can tell you this: It definitely applies to very average things. Now, I know there’s no accounting for taste. Even so, it’s hard to get especially excited about this roster of talent: You had overhyped female rapper du jour Doja Cat, unveiling her suggestive single Juicy — complete with watermelon body suit, dancers sporting citrus-wedge headgear and Tyga cameo — on Late Night with Seth Meyers. (Sing it with me, now: Back back back back back. Back back. Back back back. Yes, this is what passes for lyrics nowadays.) You had douchey new-country bros Florida Georgia Line bestowing Simple and Blessings on Jimmy Kimmel Live. (Perhaps to save time in the future, they could just combine these two into one meaningless, cliche-strewn song called Simple Blessings.) And you had sleepy pop-rocker troubadude Pete Yorn in a Psychedelic Furs T-shirt, strumming his appropriately shoegazy and fittingly titled track Calm Down for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Admittedly, from my perspective he was the best of the lot. But let’s be honest: When Pete Yorn is the highlight of your night, you are not exactly living on the edge. Let’s hope better things are on the way later in the week.