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Rawmny Wildcat Establishes His Legacy With New Video

The rising hip-hop star shares the first glimpse of his upcoming debut album.

Canadian hip-hopper Rawmny Wildcat lays the groundwork for his Legacy with the first single and video from his forthcoming LP of the same name — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The bright chord riffs on Legacy evoke a vintage ’80s sound while simultaneously embracing elements from contemporary trap. Produced by Wildcat and Nabil ‘Nabsolut’ Benmiloud, the song started as just an experiment when the two were jamming and discussing dreams.

“I use my music as an outlet to connect to the true emotions that come from the heart,” Wildcat says. “Conversant hip-hop allows me to connect with my audience on a personal level. It’s all about being true to oneself, staying motivated, questioning the status quo, and living a healthy lifestyle.”

But back to those dreams: The Toronto-based Rawmny — pronounced Raw Money — began playing making music after his family relocated to Montreal from Ethiopia. Influenced by Motown soul, old-school hip-hop and traditional Ethiopian sounds, Wildcat took to it like wildfire.

Since then, he has been no stranger to the grind: Cutting tracks, playing gigs, hitting the road, visiting radio stations. He headed the traditional Ethiopian collective Tis-Abay Band, and produced beats for Homegrown Records’ burgeoning roster. His solo breakout project Injera Music — named after his own label — generated the single Clap Your Hands, which has amassed more than a million views and counting. Wildcat’s tellingly titled 2018 EP True Colors introduced his positive mission statement; his forthcoming full-length Legacy will continue it.

Watch Legacy above and find out more about Rawmny Wildcat through his Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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