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Pterodactyl Problems Come on Strong in Live Video For Spreading Fear

The Toronto rockers showcase an incendiary alt-rocker from their debut EP.


Pterodactyl Problems blast alarmist politicians and other liars in their energized new live video for Spreading Fear.

Filmed at Danforth Hall, the incendiary alt-rocker is the leadoff track from the young rockers’ self-titled 2017 EP — the precursor to their recently released album Esoteric Hobbies — and further proof that 2019 is poised to be the Year of the Pterodactyl.

And it’s about time. With rock on the verge of extinction and great bands on the endangered species list, it’s high time for a new breed of artist to rise from the sludge pits and usher in the next musical age.

Photo by Andrew Brooke

Pterodactyl Problems are undeniably the band to lead that charge. But don’t let their Jurassic handle fool you. These fiercely original, high-flying Torontonians aren’t some dinosaur-rock throwback. They’re a bold new hybrid — a gender-bending, genre-defiling, firebreathing entity gene-spliced from four distinct musical personalities: Frontman Davey White, metalhead guitarist Jack Neila and drummer Oliver Salathiel, along with musically multi-faceted bassist Ciarán Neely. And their disc Esoteric Hobbies — whose dynamic and diverse musical DNA is woven together from strands of heavy alt-metal, folk, glam, prog, jazz, blues, classical and more — heralds the next stage in the evolution of rock.

Check out Spreading Fear above, listen to the rest of Esoteric Hobbies below, and connect with Pterodactyl Problems on their website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.