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The Motörhead-worshipping Brits stick to their blazing guns on their third release.


I love Motörhead as much as the next guy — assuming, of course, that the next guy isn’t a member of Asomvel. Then I’m definitely a distant second. These British bruisers have blatantly worshipped at the altar of Lemmy and co. since their earliest days — they’re a leather-clad power-trio fronted by a bassist who plays a Rickenbacker through a Marshall stack, has a voice like someone gargling broken glass and even bears passing resemblance to a young Ian Kilmister. Not surprisingly, they stick to their blazing guns on their third album World Shaker. These 11 barnburners come equipped with all the thundering double-bass beats, clanging basslines, massive riffs and ringing power chords you want, need and expect — along with hard-bitten lyrics about reaping the whirlwind, running the gauntlet, getting railroaded and how payback’s a bitch. Sure, they’re not doing anything that hasn’t been done before. But man, they sure do it spectacularly. So what is not to love?

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