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Vintage Gear | Yamaha MT1X, Roland DR-550, Big Muff Pedal

Here are a few items from the mountain of gear I've had since the dawn of time.


Here’s something a little different from my endless supply of music posters: A few items from the mountain of vintage gear I’ve had sitting around my house since the dawn of time. First and foremost, there’s an old Yamaha MT1X four-track cassette recorder that was used to cut demos, tape gigs and record practices with various bands back in the day.

Then there’s a Roland DR-550 drum machine, which I also used to fool around with. (That reminds me: I’ve also got some old Pearl and Syndrum pads around here somewhere; I’ll have to dig those up next.)

Last but certainly not least, I’ve got an original ’70s Big Muff distortion pedal, complete with the original packaging and documentation.

I don’t really have any cool stories to tell about these things; they’re just leftover tools of the trade from back when I played in bands. I came across all this stuff (and plenty more) while spring cleaning. Honestly, I’d love to sell them to someone who would give them a good home. None of them have been touched in a couple of decades. They’re all in great shape and far as I remember, all of them work just fine. They have all the appropriate manuals and cables and power sources and foot switches and whatnot (the Big Muff pedal is missing the cover screws, but that’s it). If you’re interested in owning any of these items or want more info, please email me. Even if you’re not in the market, please do me a huge favour and share this with all your musician / gearhead / collector friends. One last thing: I also have guitars, basses, keyboards, tons of drums and cymbals, cases, cables and tons of other crap if anybody’s looking for something specific. Everything must go! Come on down! (Actually, don’t come on down. Seriously. Just email.)

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