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Brant Bjork | Jacoozzi

The stoner-rock pioneer lets his music do the talking on this instrumental offering.


Sometimes the best plan is no plan. And sometimes it takes a decade to figure that out. Stoner-rock pioneer, former Kyuss / Fu Manchu drummer and current singer-guitarist Brant Bjork actually cut his 13th solo studio release Jacoozzi way back in late 2010. As the story goes, he decided to abandon a set of songs midway through recording and improvise a new batch on the fly, starting with drums and building them up on his own one track at a time. The instrumental results are as loose and freewheeling as you’d expect, as Bjork jams by himself on unstructured, open-ended grooves in a variety of styles, from stoner-blues, funk and organ-jazz to Latin-rock and serpentine hypnotic Eastern belly-dance rhythms. Only the closing Hendrix-style ballad Do You Love Your World? features vocals, but make no mistake: Even though he lets his music do most of the talking, Bjork still has plenty to say on Jacoozzi. Last one in is a narc.

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