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See Stella Donnelly Connect in the Charming Video For Lunch

The Australian singer-songwriter offers another preview of Beware of the Dogs.


At some point, it seems almost every touring musician writes a song about being a touring musician. And for the most part, they fall into one of two camps: The ones that celebrate the freedom of the road and/or the hedonistic possibilities of life on the road; or the ones the lament the rootlessness and disconnection of constantly being separated from your home, family and friends. Stella Donnelly’s Lunch (a track from her upcoming album Beware of the Dogs) definitely belongs in the latter camp — but thanks to her homey turns of phrase and bittersweet delivery, it’s definitely an outstanding example of the genre — and comes with a charming home-made video to match. SAYS THE PRESS RELEASE: “This is my favourite song on the record,” says Donnelly. “It was a massive team effort the night before I flew away on tour. A song that was only ever meant to be played on a single guitar and sung turned out to be the most intricate and textured piece of music I’ve ever produced. I wrote this about the feeling of displacement I get when I go on tour and come back and nothing feels the same. There’s a disconnect there.” But not here.

Photo by Pooneh Ghana
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