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See Pup’s Grim Future in the Stunning Cinematic Video For Kids

The Canadian punks get dystopian in the latest preview for Morbid Stuff.

Did I miss a news story about Pup winning the lottery or getting adopted by Elon Musk or something? Because the amount of money that clearly went into making the cinematic video for the Toronto punk smart-alecks’ new single Kids — a heartwarming but ultimately grim futuristic tale directed by Jeremy Schaulin-Rioux and crammed with digital effects, elaborate makeup and much more — suggests they’ve tapped into some sort of deep revenue stream. Either that or they’re about to get a hard lesson in the meaning of the word ‘recoupable.’ SAYS THE PRESS RELEASE: “Jeremy cooked up this hilarious concept of what all of our lives would be like 40 years in the future,” explains Stefan Babcock. “Our goal was to sorta set viewers up for this happy feel-good ending, and then at the last minute, crush them with darkness. Just like life in the present, most things in the future will probably turn out shit, or, if we’re really lucky, fine at best.” Kids comes from their next album Morbid Stuff, due April 8. In the meantime, they might want to keep playing the lottery. Hey, it couldn’t hurt.