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Late-Night TV Edition (Double Time Edition) | Jan. 17, 2019

Guster and Future stage a band battle for the ages on the chat shows.

You can move into the future. Or you can dwell in the past. At least, those were your choices when it came to Thursday’s late-night TV music lineup. From the bygone days: Quirky ’90s college-rockers Guster, who returned from wherever the hell they’ve been to play their eccentrically groovy (if incongruously titled) new ditty Overexcited on Late Night With Seth Meyers. From the world to come: Future (who else?), apparently taking a break from working on a road crew to visit The Late Show With Stephen Colbert with his spacey single Crushed Up from his new album The Wizrd. Yes, Wizrd. Apparently they don’t have the letter A in the future. Be sure to factor that into your decision.

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