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The Swedish stoner-rockers prove once again that rock isn't quite dead just yet.


Every month, just like clockwork, some loudmouth opens their big yap to proclaim for the umpteenth time that rock is dead. And every month, just like clockwork, another album arrives to prove them dead wrong. One of the latest ones to cross my path is Hear The Rivers, the seventh full-length from Swedish foursome Greenleaf — who are definitely not to be confused with the Oprah Winfrey Network series about a family that rums a Memphis mega-church. If you were going to confuse these stoner-rockers with anyone, it might be Queens Of The Stone Age, since they share a penchant for melodic vocals set against dark licks and groovy beats. Or it might be Royal Blood, since they also have a knack for cranking out some big-ass blues-rock. And if you put your mind to it while listening to some of their more psychedelic or garage-rock sounds, you could probably come up with a couple of other bands with similar approaches. So maybe they’re not the most focused or groundbreaking band around. But the one thing you’ll never mistake them for is anything but a rock band. At least until next month.

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