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Late-Night TV Music (Poor Choices Edition) | Dec. 11, 2018

We all have bad ideas now & then. Billy Corgan, J Balvin & Jungle had some Tuesday.

Sometimes you have to wonder what people are thinking. I found myself wondering that several times while watching Tuesday’s late-night musical performances. For instance: What in heaven’s name convinced Smashing PumpkinsBilly Corgan that a circus ringmaster’s waistcoat over a gold-lamé ball gown would be the best wardrobe for his sorta-reunited band’s Jimmy Kimmel Live appearance? Judging by the thoroughly joyless expression on guitarist James Iha‘s face throughout their two-song set of Silvery Sometimes (Ghosts) and Knights of Malta, he was thinking the same thing — when he wasn’t silently enduring Corgan’s arm around his shoulder. Other bad ideas: Deciding not to have any interesting graphics, staging, musicians, wardrobe or choreography during your Tonight Show segment, as J Balvin opted to do while performing his self-explanatory single Reggaeton — a tune that proved to be every bit as inspired as its title. And speaking of shallow songs, English collective Jungle performed their dance-pop number For Ever, which basically turned out to be 3:38 of intro that never actually turned into a song, though it did seem to take forever. In the end, the only non-fail of the night belonged to singer-songwriter Phoebe Bridgers and her intimate two-song set of Killer and Scott Street on Last Call With Carson Daly. Where in the hell do you even get a gold-lamé ball gown anyway?





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