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Late-Night TV Music (Christmas Maniac Edition) | Dec. 5, 2018

Get in the Christmas spirit with the help of John Legend. Or not.


I hate to break this to you, but Christmas is now less than three weeks away. So if you’re not already in the damn holiday spirit, well, you better get there fast. Here’s a simple way: Watch John Legend performing a lighthearted retro-style medley of What Christmas Means to Me and Bring Me Love on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Not interested? That’s OK. There was also plenty of non-holiday musical fare on the late-night shows Wednesday. Like Rita Ora doing her latest meaningless single Let You Love Me on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Or the Chicago dance duo Drama doing double duty (nice alliteration, huh?) on Last Call With Carson Daly with their songs Hopes Up and Forever’s Gone. And just to end on a weird note, Last Call also let GLOW star Jackie Tohn and her band Powerfox turn Maniac — that’s right, from Flashdance — into a piano-and-cello power ballad. Dance like you’ve never danced before. Now start shopping before it’s too late.