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Indie Roundup | Three New Videos for Your Thursday Viewing Pleasure

Coilguns and Living Hours do it live while Old Man Canyon goes Hollywood.

Coilguns unload, Living Hours hit the lake and Old Man Canyon gets set in today’s Roundup. You’re soaking in it!

1 Don’t say Coilguns never gave you anything. And plenty of it. The Swiss noise-rockers have just released their latest blast of high-volume, high-velocity brutality and complexity. But they’re not content just to fire off one song and call it a day (or whatever they call it in Switzerland). Instead, they’ve unleashed a full four-song, 21-minute set captured live in a Belfast studio during their latest European tour with like-minded outfits Birds in Row and Canada’s own KEN mode. I could tell you the titles of the four songs, but chances are you haven’t heard of them anyway. Now’s the time to change that. Settle in and turn up the volume on your device as far as it will go. SEZ THE PRESS RELEASE:Coilguns is one of the proud flag holders of the 2.0 DIY scene since their inception in 2011 when they accidentally formed with the purpose of playing fast and simple music.” Well, they’re halfway there.

2 The Beatles performed on the rooftop of Apple Records. Pink Floyd played in the ruins of Pompeii. Metallica cranked up for headbangers in Antarctica. Granted, watching Winnipeg’s Living Hours playing by the side of a Manitoba lake may not deliver the grand spectacle or historic importance of the other offerings above. But the quiet beauty and isolation undoubtedly provide the perfect setting for the lazily flowing grace of their shoegazing pop single Bottom Step, the first single from their forthcoming album Softer Faces. Plus it’s a nice reminder of summer just when we could all use it. SEZ THE PRESS RELEASE: “We tried to find the most beautiful and pleasing environment possible to fit the song – which brought us to Pointe Du Bois, Manitoba,” says vocalist Sam Sarty. “We waited all day for the perfect light and performed for a small crowd of friends and family. The water and views are serene and still.” Sssssshhhh:

3 We are all the stars of our own little superhero movies. But most of us don’t get a working Hollywood set to shoot them on. Old Man Canyon singer-songwriter Jett Pace is the exception that proves the rule: He was able to film the video for his woozy new indie-pop single Run Away on Vancouver’s faux New York street set — which may look familiar to anyone who’s seen the Deadpool and Watchmen films. The setting seems to fit quite nicely with the title of their latest album A Grand Facade. Plus it beats shooting in your basement. SEZ THE PRESS RELEASE: “It was sort of miraculous, as the whole layout and vibe of the fake city streets and buildings fit perfectly into our vision of what we wanted the video to try and capture … The overall concept was to really instil the notion that not everything is what it seems from the outside, and that sometimes we need to take a peek behind the walls to see what’s really going on.” Now showing:

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