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Monday Morning Mashup | Too Much Bee Gees Edition

This week: The disco mashup kings do double duty with AC/DC and Deep Purple.


It’s Monday. It’s morning (where I am, anyway). So what could be better — or at least more alliterative — than kicking off the working week with a mashup? And since I didn’t have a good one to post last week, here’s a double shot featuring the Bee Gees: One mashup that marries Stayin’ Alive to AC/DC’s Back in Black, and another that combines You Should Be Dancing with Deep Purple’s Smoke on the Water. What is it about the work of the Gibb brothers that makes them so mashively popular? Your guess is as good as mine.

Know of a great mashup looking for a good home? Email the link to me here. And enjoy the rest of your Monday — whether you’re a brother, a mother or anyone else. That’s how the Gibbs would want it.

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