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Rolling Stones | 1982 German Tour Poster

One of my many collectibles featuring the World's Greatest Rock ’n’ Roll Band.

I honestly didn’t realize how many damn Rolling Stones posters I had until I started photographing them all to post them here. I’ve got group shots, individual album covers, catalogue shots, the tongue logo, even Mick Jagger solo stuff (but no Keith solo shots, sadly). And I’ve got a few live ones, including this large German tour number. Unless I’m way off the (Deutsche) mark (sorry), it’s from their 1982 European Tour, based on the outfits, the little Still Life album blurb in the lower left-hand corner and the opening acts (Peter Maffay?). I obviously didn’t see them in Germany, but I did catch them in Minneapolis/St. Paul on this tour, and was not disappointed. They were touring behind Tattoo You, which was surprisingly good, considering it was basically pieced together from leftovers. Charlie and Keith were solid as always, Bill Wyman was still around, and the sidemen included former Faces keyboardist Ian McLagan, longtime pianist Ian Stewart and sax king Bobby Keys. For my money, the latter two were as integral to the classic Stones sound as anybody. Don’t get me wrong: Even without them, I’d still seriously consider seeing the Stones one last time before they call it a day. Though I’m way happier knowing that even if I don’t, I caught them when they weren’t too far past their prime. Anyway, if you’d like to own this poster, you know where to find me.

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