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Indie Roundup | Five New Numbers To Make Monday More Manageable

Ease into your week with cuts by Balthazar, Grand Analog, Mk.gee and Jane's Party.

Balthazar entertain you, Grand Analog take flight, Mk.gee rings in the new year and Jane’s Party double up on today’s Roundup. Jane, stop this crazy thing!

1 | We could all use a little more entertainment in our lives. And Belgium’s Balthazar are only too happy to provide it with the video for their fittingly titled new single Entertainment. A preview of their upcoming album Fever, it’s got everything you need: An irresistible groove, some whistling, and even a few whoo-hoos from Sympathy For the Devil. SEZ THE PRESS RELEASE:Entertainment was written at the end of the album recordings as one of the last songs, functioning as the loose uplifting tune celebrating a carefree take in an entertainment business. We wrote an ambitious album but tried not to take ourselves too seriously, sure it’s an outspoken singalong chorus, but there’s a rambling playfulness to it which we love.” Please allow them to reintroduce themselves above.

2 | If you’ve been wanting to get up close and personal with Grand Analog frontman Odario Williams and his bandmates, here’s your chance. The video for the Toronto band’s funky and inspiring new single Fly Away: Swing Low puts you right onstage with the group. SEZ THE PRESS RELEASE: “The video was shot by Mitch Fillion at Southern Souls and features Canada’s number one live hip-hop band doing what they do best.” Enjoy the flight:

3 | Everyone knows that each morning is the start of a new day. But if you think about it, it’s also the start of a new week, a new month and even a new year. I don’t think that has anything to do with New Year, the dreamy, self-destructing new single from singer-songwriter Mk.gee‘s upcoming Fool EP. But it’s still something to ponder, no? SEZ THE PRESS RELEASE: “Originally from New Jersey, Michael Gordon, who creates under the name Mk.gee, has spent the last few years living in Los Angeles. The multi-instrumentalist took some time this summer between tours with Omar Apollo and select dates with Dr. Dog, to complete his new Fool EP. In line with his debut release from May, Pronounced McGee, the project sees Gordon handling all of the writing, recording and mixing duties himself.” Start the countdown:

4+5 | Back in the old days when singles were actual pieces of vinyl instead of a stream of 1s and 0s, they had an A-side and a B-side. It’s nice to know that some youngsters still remember those days. Case in point: Toronto pop-rockers Jane’s Party, whose new single features both the bouncy original Wait For You and a chilly cover of The CarsDrive. SEZ THE PRESS RELEASE:Wait For You was written in the months following our return from opening Tom Odell’s No Bad Days tour in Europe. There’s a real vulnerability in coming home from a huge tour and not knowing what the future has in store. Writing the song was a sort of therapy that helped us come to terms with how we were feeling, and turning that into inspiration and excitement for what’s to come … While driving home from a show one eerie night this past summer, we asked Devon to throw on the Drive soundtrack to help set the mood. Instead, he mistakenly (or with clairvoyance) put on the song Drive by The Cars. Right away we knew that we had to try recording the song with a dreamy, synthwave inspired feel.” Party on the double: