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Indie Roundup | Five Fine Finds To Check Out Right Now

Fresh tracks from Flasher, Larkin Poe, Night Flight Orchestra, Molina and more.

Flasher get meta, Larkin Poe sweeten the pot, Night Flight Orchestra hit the road, Molina likes Mike and more in today’s Roundup. Push the button; the button is good.

1 | If you’re like me — and heaven help you if you are — you spend way too much of your life watching crappy videos on YouTube. Thankfully, so have D.C. indie-popsters Flasher, based on the outstanding meta-clip they just released for the song Material from their album Constant Image. Trust me, you’re going to enjoy this one. SEZ THE PRESS RELEASE: “This strange and hilarious video, directed by Nick Roney, breaks the fourth wall in an utterly unique and post-modern way. It can confidently be said that a video similar to this does not exist. Rather than spoil it with tedious description, please view it for yourself.” Check it out above — and don’t get caught slipping.

2 | Do you like to go fast? Nashville roots-rock sisters Larkin Poe raise that question on their new single Honey Honey. Interestingly enough, the song itself is a sparse slow-burn fuelled by a slow-rolling bassline, some martial snare work and a haunting slide guitar. SEZ THE PRESS RELEASE: “Beguiled by the dubious baseline of the song’s intro, Larkin Poe build a villainous atmosphere on Honey Honey. The sinister slide guitar recalls the sound of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds before transitioning into the melodic poetry of the song’s chorus.” How sweet it is:

3 | Touring is an endless succession of cars and airports and planes and stages and hotel rooms. By that measure, the video for Can’t Be That Bad — the latest from Swedish classic-rock revivalists Night Flight Orchestra — seems like a pretty accurate depiction of life on the road. SEZ THE PRESS RELEASE: “Furthermore the band will kick off their extensive European tour in support of their most recent hit album, Sometimes The World Ain’t Enough, tomorrow in Malmö, Sweden.” Here’s the next best thing to being there:

4 | His name is Mike. He’s an underdog … He wears messy shoes. He don’t have a clue. And he’s the star of Danish singer-producer Molina‘s new single and video — quite rightly titled Mike. SEZ THE PRESS RELEASE: “I hope that the tormented Mike and all the different emotions I associate with both song and video will make people relate personally with Mike and let them apply to it exactly the narrative that feels right for them.” Treat yourself with a glass of wine:

5 | Sometimes you have to go backward to move forward. Just ask Hamilton indie-popsters Dizzy Spells. Or just listen to their latest single, the ecstatically psychedelic Retrograde. SEZ THE PRESS RELEASE: “The spirit of creativity is our biggest muse, and Retrograde carried with it an emotional directness that put us in a trance-like state. As each member crafted their part, the euphoria would reach a high and that high would propel the song closer to its current state.” Spin it — but don’t get the spins:

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