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Bob Moses | Battle Lines

The Vancouver electronica duo deliver another does of the post-club sound.


Countless electronica duos write good music. Far fewer know how to write good songs. Bob Moses clearly don’t have that problem. But there’s no big mystery behind it. The Vancouver-born, Brooklyn-based duo includes singer-songwriters Tom Howie and Jim Vallance — son of Bryan Adams‘ longtime musical foil Jim Vallance and former Cano member Rachel Paiement. So basically, songwriting is in their blood. That’s never been more apparent than it is on their sophomore album Battle Lines. In contrast to its title, there are no warring factions here: Just a near-perfect union of smartly arranged downtempo house cuts, classic songcraft and melancholic vocals. Its late-night vibe and contemporary edge perfectly reflect the “post-club” handle that’s been applied to their sound, while the tight, tasteful constructions justify their decision to name themselves after the famed New York urban planner. They clearly know when to keep it between the lines — and when to colour outside them.

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