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DIY Discovery | Steven Graves

Santa Cruz singer-songwriter serves his California country-rock with a side of jam.

Most of the music I hear is sent to me by labels and publicists. But there’s nothing like getting it straight from the source. Welcome back to DIY Discovery, where I introduce you to artists who have sent me their music directly (and who don’t suck — that’s definitely part of the deal too). If you’d like to get in on this action, no problemo: Just click here or go to the Submit Music page, fill out the form and hit send. Or email me directly here. I can’t promise I’ll feature you, but if you’re as awesome as you think you are, it could happen. You never know. But first, check out today’s worthy artist:

NAME: Steven Graves

HOME: Santa Cruz, Calif.


MY PITHY DESCRIPTION: California country-rock with a side of jam


WHO THEY SOUND LIKE: The Grateful Dead, Eagles, The Band, Bob Marley

IN THEIR OWN WORDS: “My music is mostly all original and while defined as Americana or California country we bring in many styles from gospel, R&B and even reggae. It’s all woven together with high energy, catchy hooks, great harmonies and socially and spiritually conscious lyrics.”

Popular not only in the Americana and Folk Rock genres but also, with the help of fan and publicist Dennis McNally (The Grateful Dead‘s publicist), the band’s presence boasts rapid expansion in jam-band circles. This five piece band features soaring four-part harmonies, crafty lyrics, catchy hooks, tasty guitars, classic keys, and a danceable backbeat!

How Long, Steven’s 8th CD, leans more heavily toward the roots rock realms and even explores a new side with elements of gospel, soul and R&B. Even so, there’s plenty of Americana, Country and Jam/Dead influences present throughout the CD and like all of Steven’s music its woven together by finely crafted song writing and extraordinary musicianship by Steven’s touring band and special guests. How Long couldn’t be any more perfectly timed given the current state of our world, music, and culture. The music connects the listener with a “collective consciousness” and desire for a more peaceful world all the while laying down undeniable and “impossible not to like” deep pocket grooves!



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