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Prince | Anthology 1995-2010

All the Prince you never knew you needed in one place.

There’s hungry — and then there’s insatiable. I think we all know which adjective suits Prince best. Musically speaking, of course. Between 1995 and 2010, the multi-talented Minneapolitan released 19 studio albums — including several multi-disc sets. That’s too much music for almost anyone to consume. Hell, it was hard even to hear them all. The Internet wasn’t the one-stop shop it is today, and many of the albums were only available by mail-order. So naturally, a lot of great music fell through the cracks. Thankfully, his estate has retrieved them, dusted them off and collected them in this sprawling 37-song anthology. It runs the gamut from pop and rock to funk and fusion, with nods to the likes of James Brown and Funkadelic. It’s all the Prince you never knew you needed. Until those vault releases start coming, anyways.

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