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Dead Kennedys | Fall of Canada Tour 1984 Poster


When Jello Biafra and the Dead Kennedys were in their ’80s prime, they were a magnificent sight to behold. And behold I did when the San Francisco punk troublemakers laid waste to Le Rendez-Vous in their one and only local appearance in Winnipeg. Local bands The Unwanted and Some Weird Sin were the opening acts — which is something Biafra actually reminded me of when I interviewed him more than 15 years later. I complimented him on his memory, and he claimed he could remember most of their gigs, “except for the local ones that were in a venue that we played a zillion times. Then it’s hard to keep track.” Check out the rest of my interview here. And if you’d like to remember the gig by owning this poster, email me.