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Garcia Peoples | Cosmic Cash

The New Jersey jammers are worth your time. And your cash.

The first thing you need to know about Garcia Peoples: It’s a band, not a person. The second thing you need to know: The Garcia in question is probably Jerry (or should be if it isn’t). Because like it or not, it’s nigh on impossible to listen to these New Jersey jammers’ debut album Cosmic Cash without having flashbacks to the psychedelic sounds of classic Grateful Dead — primarily in the twisty arrangements, boogie-folk grooves and laid-back vocals that define their mellow-fellow approach. Thankfully, they’re not so mellow that they’re afraid of turning up, cranking out some power chords and putting the pedal to the metal with some hard-driving guitar-rock crunch. Nor, interestingly enough, are they shy about drawing upon the shambling Americana of The Band, the swampy eclecticism of Little Feat or even the winsome melodies of NRBQ when it suits their purposes. I don’t know if that qualifies as cosmic, but it does add enough depth, breadth and range to their sound to make them worth your time. And your cash.

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